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Baby Teething Jewellery – Basic Facts That You Need To Know

What Is Teething Jewellery

It is generally believed that one of the most important events in the lives of both small baby girl or baby boy is their teething. This process is significant for the parents, too. This means that a lot of things change when the baby teething starts. Therefore, not only babies, but also their parents should try to prepare for it. A lot of people nowadays try to help their babies and decrease the problems in the mentioned procedure. One of the most popular methods is wearing amber beads baby teething jewellery.

When to expect the ‘milk teeth’?

Using the scientific facts, we have to mention pediatricians who claim that the first tooth usually appears before the fourth month of a baby. If it comes out after that period, for example, the twelfth month, it is marked as a delayed germination.

Baby teething is individual and different from one baby to another

However, the real time of baby teething of an individual baby is completely different from one child to another. Therefore, there should be no need to worry if the process of teething does not start even before baby’s first birthday. According to a lot of studies, most children get their first tooth between the fifth and eighth months of age.

The first teeth need to be monitored regularly

Is it possible that baby teething starts immediately after its birth?

Best Silicone Teeting NecklaceThe answer to this question is positive. Sometimes it happens that immediately after birth in a creation similar to the teeth appears in a baby’s mouth. In fact, it is a part of a tissue from which the developing teeth germ. This is so-called “pre-milk teeth”.

Are “pre-milk teeth” dangerous?

Well, speaking about their possible danger we have to say that pre-milk teeth can cause a great problem to a baby. In fact, they are not attached to the bone and can easily fall, so that a baby can inhale them. Moreover, what may be caused are some life-threatening consequences and very serious problems. Therefore, if parents spot a creation similar to the teeth in the first few months the safest way is to take the baby to the specialist children’s dentist who can have a look at them and assess what it is. However, if this is not real milk teeth, then they must immediately be removed from the baby’s mouth.

What are the most frequent symptoms of a baby teething?

Speaking about the most common symptoms of teething, one have to mention:

  • Colds
  • Mild fever
  • Coughing
  • Diarrhea
  • Drooling
  • Poor sleep
  • The rash on the baby’s chin
  • Rubbing of the cheeks and pulling the ear
  • Biting
  • Anxiety

However, there are some things which can decrease the above mentioned symptoms. They can help a lot in baby teething. The most common are:

  • A cold bathing glove
  • Clean fingers
  • Special gel for gums
  • Biscuit
  • Melba toast
  • Cold food
  • Massage of the inflamed gums
  • Cleaning with gauze
  • Pampering

Every method which was stated in the previous lines is more than welcome to help in the process of baby teething. They are well-known and frequently used by parents in all parts of the world.

What is an amber necklace as baby teething jewellery?

One of the things which is also used to help with the baby teething is an amber necklace. Here is a word about a specially designed necklace from amber beads which is made so that baby can carry it, and not chew. Another very good alternative is silicone based products found in silicone jewellery which has been proven to be safe for your baby to place into their mouth. It is 100% non-toxic and a very durable and long lasting material.

Why amber as a material for amber beads baby teething necklaces?

Well, amber is a known natural analgesic and therefore a very good material to use as a teething necklace. It is used against inflammation, infections and respiratory diseases. Scientists state that when parents put it on a baby’s skin, amber beads discharge oil that the skin absorbs and passes into the bloodstream. A lot of researches have proven that this reduces drooling, relieves redness and inflammation of the gums. Moreover, it has a calming, analgesic and anti-temperature effect.