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Garage Storage Ideas

In every home the ultimate disposal room is the garage. Anything which the family doesn’t need ends up in the garage and the car is often parked outside because there’s no space for it inside the home. So what should you do? You don’t even feel like entering the garage and organizing things, it’s going to end up the same way in a few months time again. In order to avoid your garage looking like a dumping zone, garage storage systems can come in pretty handy.

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Read on to see some great garage storage ideas that actually work

Clean up that mess

You know everything is strewn upon the floor and its going to be one tough job. However, this is something which you should be doing if you want your place to look neat and organized. Not everyone can work in a place which looks like a tornado hit it. So make sure you clean up the mess and out things in their respective places. Once you have some space to walk in the garage it is time to think about organizing all your stuff.

Organize your stuff

You know your tools shouldn’t be chucked in with your kids old toys. Neither should the paint boxes be lying next to your old unwanted clothes. You need to get rid of the clutter. Throw away things you don’t need and give them away to the poor and needy. If you want to earn some fast cash you could even organize a garage sale. After all one man’s thrash is another man’s treasure. Once you have gotten rid of things you don’t need you have to find storage solutions for things which you actually do.

Storage ideas

  • Invest in a few shelves and racks. These can actually help keep your things in one place without adding to the clutter.
  • Overhead shelves are a great way of keeping things organized and out of the way as well.
  • Invest in steel or wooden racks where you can store a variety of items
  • Put up hooks and hang everything up. This way they stay out of your way only to be taken down when required. Most people attach hooks on their wall and hang their bicycles on it. It works especially well when you have two or more kids and the same number of bicycles as well. They stay put and the space looks clean.
  • Don’t throw off those empty boxes. They can be labeled and filled with respective items. So the next time you are looking for your garden tools you wouldn’t have to ransack the whole place looking for those. In fact things like Christmas decorations and other such knick knacks which aren’t used on a daily basis can be stored easily in cardboard boxes. Just make sure you label those boxes to help you find those things exactly where you left them.

If you are searching for someone who could help you maximize your garage space with these different garage storage systems. Look outside of the box and give them a try!