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How to get aged care certificate 3 in Health Services

Aged Care Student in a room with eldersDo you really want to get certificate 3 in health service assistance? It is good, and will open door to a lot of possibilities for you. Those who engage themselves with this type of course are usually happy, because it provides assistance and services to them including working in healthcare environments.

All through the course, the student will be equipped with all the necessary skills they need to assist in nursing work, operate theatre support, as well as multitask in smaller good working environments.

Related courses

With a little bit of research the information found on this web page about Certificate 3 In Aged Care revealed the related courses in heath care that you can follow, courses like:

  • Enrolled-division 2 nursing
  • Home and community care, and
  • Disability studies

Course details 

This course can be completed within 24 months.

Entry requirements 

To enrol in this course, you don’t need any entry requirements. All you need is the willingness to study the course, except that the intending students must as matter of fact complete their certificate 3 English.

This is a course for the matured in mind and heart. Having an industry experience is an added advantage. Also, you must be proficient in numeracy and literacy.


This certificate is recognized globally. Graduates can use it to work not only in Melbourne, but also around Australia.

Things you will learn

There are so many things you will learn with this. You will be trained in:

  • Medical terminology
  • Prevention and control of infections
  • How human body system works
  • Nursing care in acute environments
  • Aboriginal and
  • Patient transport

Course features

There are both online and class-based study options for aspirin students. Whichever one you choose, you will have access to online library that will help your learning yield multiple fruits.

Work placement

The student needs a maximum of 100 hours of consistent teaching from an accredited health care institution. The courses are flexible, so the student can arrange with the facilitator or instructor on the time to receive lectures.

The industry experience equips you comfortably with all the necessary invaluable real-life skills, so that you can step into a job with confidence upon graduation.

Course structure 

There are a total of 15 units namely:

  • 7 are core units, while
  • 8 are elective units

Core units

This equips you with the knowledge and skills you really need to communicate effectively with industry providers, management, colleagues and clients.

Furthermore, it equips you with the skills to comply effectively with control policies, procedures and prevention of infection, interpret and apply all the medical terminologies professionally, organize your work priorities and development, work with people from diverse cultures, and recognize health systems effectively.

Elective units

These units teaches the students how to assist with movement, work with team, team building, assist nurses in acute care environment, facilitate responsible behaviour, maintain a great standard of service as well as provides first aid.


If you want to learn more about this course, there are consultants that will be happy to teach you some skills or more information. This website has tons of information on Aged Care Courses in Melbourne and they can assist in answering all your questions, give you all the necessary information plus possible job outcomes, and finally they will help you to know whether this is the best course to pursue or not.

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