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How to paint concrete

painting concrete

Do you want to paint your concrete? The best way to make your concrete to look really appealing is by painting it. This article will teach you how you can make your concrete beautiful and interesting by adding few coats of paint to it.

It is really simple, and at the same time inexpensive to paint your concrete. Most homeowners prefer to paint their concrete.

Before you paint any particular area of your house or workshop area, make sure you clean it and prepare the area very well so that it can actually look good. Then apply the right paint there, and give some time for the paint to cure.

Getting the concrete ready

Here are some good advice or tips from experts in coloured concrete. The first step is to prepare the concrete. Ensure that the surface is well cleaned with warm water and soap; eliminate all kinds of old paintings. Sweep all the dirt, debris and surface leaves.

After that, the next step would be removing all gunks or existing paint using a wire brush, scraper and power washer. Every gunk, dirt, or grime that is stuck on the concrete must be removed.

Remove any moss, vines or anything that is covering the concrete. If you paint it well, the surface would be pleasing to the eye. Make sure that the paint does not discolour the concrete.

Before applying the paint, it is necessary to allow the concrete surface to dry properly before going to the next step. Put on the concrete patch so that you can fix all defects like uneven surfaces, gouges and cracks. For more information on any particular paint, make sure you read the manufacturer’s instructions; this will give you an idea of how to use it.

Further studies shows that concrete sealant can really be very expensive. Ensure that you do not ruin your paint job when you are done with applying the paint.

Concrete is something you handle with care, this implies that if there is any trapped moisture, it can simply ruin the paint. For more information on the right preparation and application, you can read through the manufacturer’s manual.

Then painting the concrete

This is a very important part. Before you start to paint the outdoor, make sure you have checked the weather forecast- you need to have at least 3-4 dry days in a row, before you can commence with the painting.

After applying the first coat, you need to leave it to dry for the first night, before applying the second and third. After every coat, you should leave the paint to dry for the next 24 hours. Please make no mistakes about this, and always check the weather before you start the paint.

Also, read the manufacturer’s manual, so that you can confirm the proper application and drying time of the paint you are using. As a general rule, give the first coat at least 24 hours before applying the second and third coats respectively.

There is a right paint for every concrete. For example, commercial areas have a different rage of epoxy paint coatings for different situations and needs. While applying paint to the concrete, you will need to use a brush or high capacity roller. Most people prefer to use masonry paint, elastomeric or elastomeric paint when they are painting their concretes.

Was this article really useful? We would like to hear your own side of the story. Would you like to paint your concrete?