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Important Considerations Before Buying Swimming Pool Heaters

Pool Heating For The House

When you have a pool in your home, one of the additional burdens you must bear is heating that pool. A swimming pool heating system can be a large investment and it might take a great deal of money for the long haul. That is why it is imperative that as a pool owner, you consider many factors before you buy.

Pool covers will help you save money

First, you need to consider the size of your pool and what size heater you need to efficiently heat it to your needs. If you only use it on few occasions, something that takes a significant amount of time to thoroughly heat the water may not be that big of a problem for you. But if you use the pool regularly and you want it to be prepared for swimming on a moment’s notice, you might need something that can heat the water more effectively. One of the most efficient ways to save money is to stop the heat from leaving your pool. This is where a pool cover is ideal. Pool covers like these work to trap the warmth in the water. This means you won’t need to constantly be heating the water.

Second, you need to consider your budget. This does not just mean the amount of money you are willing/able to spend right now on the heating unit. It also carries over into your monthly costs. Some heating units bring with them operational costs. If you want to be able to heat your pool quickly then you might want to use a gas powered heater, but then you will need to be prepared for long term monthly operational costs that are much higher compared to something like a solar heater.

Pool heating settings will depend on your climate and location

Third, you need to consider your location. For example, if you are in Perth it is usually hotter all year round, and you’ll need to factor this into your pool heating system. Some environmentally friendly options may not be an option for you, based on your location. If you live in a hotter region like Perth that experiences a great deal of cloud cover, or you have a therapy pool outside that you want warm all winter long, your weather may not allow you to invest in a solar powered heater and have it work effectively, and this pool heating Perth business will assist you. The pool heating will be set at a perfect temperature to match Perth and its specific climate.

You also need to consider what your aesthetic considerations are. If you want a discreet heating unit for your swimming pool that can be seamlessly blended into the landscape of your yard, then you might want something compact and efficient rather than the solar panels which need to be affixed atop your lawn or on your roof. This is a big consideration for some homeowners, because the heating unit you select will always be there and will always either blend in with your background or stand out against it.

There are a handful of different swimming pool heating options

One option is to use a gas powered heating system. This type of swimming pool heating system will work quickly to heat all of your pool water by using propane gas to heat the interior chamber, which contains copper wires. The water is pushed over these copper wires during which time it heats up quickly and efficiently. Of course, the downside is that you need to invest in new gas every month and with higher costs for gas, this is not necessarily a sustainable option for some homeowners. If you are interested in swimming pool heating this company is one of the best in Australia. Heating your swimming pool has never been easier when you use the right company.

Another option is a geothermal pump. This is pump which takes heat from water. There are also air pumps that operate in the same fashion, but take the heat out of the air around your pool to heat the water within the pool. Other options include solar panels to heat the water with heat collected from the sun.