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Oticon and Bernafon Hearing Aids at Cheap Prices

Hearing aids brands

Oticon hearing aids is accredited as one of the best in the world. Its corporate headquarter is located in Denmark. Hearing is very important to life. Thus, using Oticon hearing device would be the right option for you. Oticon provide a lot of high-end technology, innovative hearing devices to their myriads of customers.

Oticon hearing aids models

Oticon hearing aids are popular and the company has produced different hearing aid models. Their latest brands were released in 2015, and they are as follows:

  • Alta2
  • Ria2 and
  • Nera2

Other brands released previously were:

  • Safari
  • Sensei
  • Chilli and many more

Bernafon hearing aids models

Bernafon hearing aids are another well liked brand and provides two hearing aid models namely:

  • The sensei, and
  • Safari SP ( Super power)

The sensei is essentially designed for people with mild or moderate hearing loss, while safari SP is for kids with profound or severe hearing loss.

This helps people to connect well with the world or with other source sources like:

  • Computers
  • Mobile phones
  • MP3 players
  • Television
  • Personal microphones and so on.

Brief history of Oticon

Oticon has a rich history. Their local hearing expert will help you to know the configuration you really need to connect well with the world. When you buy any of the Oticon hearing aids, make sure you read its manuals very well.

As a way of introduction, Oticon Company came into existence in the year 1904 by a man named Hans Demant. He was deeply interested in finding a solution to cure his wife’s hearing loss. He made a lot of astonishing discoveries before his death in 1910.

However, after his death, his son took over and started to develop on his father’s vision. 30 years after, his son William developed his first brand, which is known as ‘Acousticus’- which became the first Danish-made hearing device ever known in history.

Few years after, precisely in 1946, the name Oticon came into existence. It is a conglomeration of two Greek words such as ‘oti’ meaning (ear), and ‘con’ meaning (with). The company has continued to make amazing discoveries till date.

How Oticon is giving back to the society 

Oticon is making frantic efforts to give back to the society. Their sole interest is to put people first in all they do. This is why they strive everyday to support those with no or little access to hearing technology treatment.

The goal of Oticon hearing aids is to ensure that you receive the best hearing service suitable for your lifestyle while at the same time enhancing your specific hearing loss.

Cheap hearing aids for the masses

We hope this article was particularly helpful to you? Do you still need further explanations about where to buy cheap hearing aids? If you do, kindly make further research over the internet. We have tried our best to provide the best analysis based on the resources we gathered.