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Selecting The Best Hairdressing Course for Your Budget

A hairdressing course studentIf you are walking around the streets of Melbourne, you will find motley of people sporting different kinds of hair styles. Of late, Melbourne and other places have become the hub of fashion and beauty which is naturally attracting people from all around the world. As a result, some hair salons have opened up across the city catering to various hairdressing and cutting styles of peoples of a different nationality.

The hair and beauty regimen has now turned to the textbook and is now offering hairdressing courses across the city. There are some colleges and institutes run by beauty experts who offer this course both through regular mode and online. Any student who has completed their school or hold similar degrees are eligible for the courses.

Structure of the hairdressing course

The hairdressing course offered by the institutes in Melbourne is a one year course after which the students are placed as an intern under different hair experts in different salons. This is credited to the net score card of the students and is considered as a job experience.

The different courses offered are:

  1. Hair Intensive Course offers the basic knowledge of hairdressing and then moves onto the advanced
  2. The Comprehensive Hair Course teaches the basic know-how of hairdressing, like the different patterns of hair people have and which design suits each hair in general.
  3. The Hair Crash course is a Diploma level course which teaches about hair coloring and hair styling, application of colors and chemicals and different trends of hair cutting.
  4. The Diploma course in Specialist Color and Chemical provides a comprehensive knowledge about hair coloring and chemical treatment.

These are the basic hairdressing courses offered by the institutes. Apart from the hairdressing course, there are numerous adjunct hair styling and treatment courses offered. They are:

  • Hair Cutting and Styling where students are taught to cut hair according to the texture and face cutting. We aim to teach the students about different trends of hair cutting and dressing which give clients a sophisticated and polished look.
  • Scalp treatment course to treat different hair problems like hair fall and dandruff, how to stimulate the follicles so that it promotes hair growth and healthy hair and how to treat the fungal infection of the scalp.
  • Deep conditioning and hair spa with different oils and lotions to restore the proteins and other vital nutrients of the hair.
  • A Certificate course in hair coloring is offered where the students learn how to color a hair by keeping in mind the skin tone and the natural color of the hair. They teach the latest technique of hair coloring so that they don’t come off with the first wash.

The main objective of the institutions is to set up the biggest hair industry in Melbourne and raise its standards to the global level. That is why they are constantly striving to impart learning and training equivalent to the standards of the beauty and the fashion industry and help all who comes with hair problem.