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The Benefits Of Using A Cell Phone Spy

cell_phone_spyAre you facing a trust issue with a friend, fiancé, or a child? No need to bother as you can listen to their phone calls, read messages and check locations keeping a low profile. Many people are concerned of what their employee, partner, or child is doing and they want to keep an eye on them. On the other hand, some are concerned about the locations of their near ones. This all can be done through a cell phone spyware. A cell phone spyware extracts all the information through a designated phone number like calls, messages, and location, etc. So, read on this post as it provides the most vital information on cell phone spyware characteristics and other features.

There can be many reasons to track a cell phone’s location. It can be personal or business. If you are reading this article, there is a probability that you’ll be wanting to learn the process.

If you want to understand the purpose and working of a cell phone spyware, then I suggest that you read the rest of the article.

  1. Get a steady internet connection on a personal computer or a laptop.
  2. Download the cell phone hook up plug-in and install it on the target phone. It may be possible that the user wants to track down multiple cell phones. It can be easily done as the plug-in can be installed over multiple phones.
  3. Install the software and restart it so that the changes take effect.
  4. Now, call the phone just to make sure that the things are working.

By now, you must be convinced to buy this cool software. The program can be installed either on a computer or a smart phone. After installing the software you can:

  • Check your daughter/teenager’s location (where she was and where is she going now, all in real time).
  • Trace an employee’s calls. It might happen that the employee was punctual but now is becoming lazy and talks on phone too much. You can track down his location and listen to his call anytime, anywhere (he won’t even know it).
  • All the calls can be routed either to a PC or a smart phone, thereby enabling the user to listen to live calls and read messages as they are sent.
  • The users can also access the phonebook and see text messages that are deleted as well as existing messages.
  • The software keeps your profile low and creates an ad hawk network so that the hacking is not detected by the service provider.

Suppose it’s your daughter’s birthday and she wants a cell phone. You’ll be concerned about her as you don’t want her to run into some sort of a bad company. Well, now you don’t need to! You can install the software or a chip on the phone as you purchase it.

There is another method of spying on cell phones and this is through a micro-chip.

  • Micro-chips are tiny electrical devices that can be installed inside the phone. All you need to do is remove the battery and the back cover and install the chip.
  • This chip is a little expensive and may cost anywhere between $150-200.
  • It’s worth buying as you’ll be able to spy or track a cell phone’s location and no one will know it.

Considering the price of a spy micro-chip, I recommend that you buy the software instead as it is cheaper and provides the same features (the only difference is of the price). Moreover, the software is compatible with most phone manufacturer’s models like Nokia, Blackberry, Android, and Palm Treo. A chip is also compatible, but the only problem is that it can be identified by most people. A chip has to be placed in the battery’s location which makes it vulnerable to user of the phone as he/she may need to change the battery of the device or change the SIM card. A software, on the other hand remains undetected as it is installed in the cell phone’s firmware and hacks into the files.

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