Choose one of the professional scenarios provided in Blackboard under the Course Info tab, or clickhereto view them in a new window. Write a Professional Email Message (in the form of Figure 5.1 on pa

Choose one of the professional scenarios provided in Blackboard under the Course Info tab, or clickhereto view them in a new window.Write a Professional Email Message (in the form of Figure 5.1 on page 84 ofBCOM9) from the perspective of a character in the scenario. The email should discuss the communication issue provided in the scenario and should be addressed to another character from the scenario.The message should take the form of an email; however, you will submit your assignment to the online course shell.The professional email message must adhere to the following requirements:1. Content:Address the communication issue from the scenario. Request a face-to-face meeting to discuss the issue (at a specific time). Concentrate on the facts of the situation and avoid using overly emotional language. Assume your recipient is learning about the situation for the first time through your communication.2. Format:Use a descriptive subject line or heading. Include an appropriate and professional greeting / salutation. Use email form including: To:, From:, Subject:, and Signature.3. Clarity / Mechanics:Focus on clarity, writing mechanics, and professional language/style requirements. Run spell/grammar check before submitting.4. Your assignment must:This course requires use of Strayer Writing Standards (SWS). The format is different than other Strayer University courses. Please take a moment to review the SWS documentation for details.5. Submitting your assignment:Submit your assignment through the online course shell only.6. The specific course learning outcomes associated with this assignment are:Plan, create, and evaluate professional documents. Deliver professional information to various audiences using appropriate tone, style, and format. Analyze professional communication examples to assist in revision.To download the assignment instructions provided above and assignment rubric, clickhere.ENG315 Professional Scenarios1. Saban is a top performing industrial equipment salesperson for D2D. After three years of working with his best client, he receives a text message from Pat (his direct manager) assigning him to a completely different account.Pat has received complaints that Saban gets all of the good clients and is not a “team player.”Saban responds to the message and asks for a meeting with Pat to discuss this change. Pat responds with another text message that reads: “Decision final. Everyone needs to get a chance to work with the best accounts so it is fair. Come by the office and pick up your new files.”Moments later, Saban sends a text message to Karen, his regional manager and Pat’s boss. It simply reads, “We need to talk.”2. Amber, Savannah, and Stephen work for Knowledge, Inc. (a consulting company). While on a conference call with Tim Rice Photography (an established client), the group discusses potential problems with a marketing campaign. Tim Rice, lead photographer and owner of Tim Rice Photography, is insistent the marketing is working and changes are not needed.Amber reaches over to put Tim on “Mute” but accidently pushes a different button. She immediately says to Savannah and Stephen that the marketing campaign is not working and that “…Tim should stick to taking pretty pictures.”Tim responds, “You know I can hear you, right?”3. James shows up to work approximately five minutes late this morning, walks silently (but quickly) down the hallway and begins to punch in at the time clock located by the front desk.Sarah, the front desk manager, says, “Good morning, James,” but James ignores her, punches in, and heads into the shop to his workplace. Sarah rolls her eyes, picks up the phone, and dials the on-duty manager to alert her that James just arrived and should be reaching his desk any moment.4. Paul works for the website division of SuperMega retail company. He receives an email late Friday afternoon that explains a new computer will launch at the end of next June and it will be in high demand with limited stock. Also contained in the three-page-message is that customers will be able to preorder the item 30 days before launch according to the production company. Paul is asked to create a landing page for consumers who are interested in learning more about the product.By mistake, Paul sets up a preorder page for the product that afternoon (well in advance of the company authorized period) and late Friday evening consumers begin to preorder the product. Sharon, Vice President of Product Sales at SuperMega, learns of the error Saturday morning and calls Paul to arrange a meeting first thing Monday morning. Sharon explains to Paul on the phone that the company intends on canceling all of the preorders and Paul responds that the company should honor the preorders because it was not a consumer error. After a heated exchange, Paul hangs up on Sharon when she insists that the preorders will be canceled because of Paul’s error.

Topic: The jazz-rock fusion was influenced both by Rock and Roll and Jazz. Compare and contrast the music of Blood, Sweat and Tears with the music either the music of Frank Zappa or the music of Steel

Topic:The jazz-rock fusion was influenced both by Rock and Roll and Jazz. Compare and contrast the music of Blood, Sweat and Tears with the music either the music of Frank Zappa or the music of Steely Dan. Discuss the importance of the use of instruments not traditionally associated with Rock and Roll to the success of this particular sound.5-7 page term paper in MLA format. Sources Bibliography. It is required that you document all of your sources in a bibliography at the end of the paper, and you may use websites as part of your source material. However, you should utilize books and other material as part of your research. I recommend that you examine a variety of musical and cultural issues in the preparation of your paper. Each paper must utilize a minimum of five sources, not including the class text. Use standard bibliographic methods to document your sources

Nursing Assignment Writing: Try these Ways to Write a Quality Assignment

Nursing being one of the toughest courses poses many difficulties to the students. They may not be able to understand the subject fully at times, and if they understand, then they find it tough to write an assignment on it.

Nursing Essay help in Australia

As an assignment help online provider, we understand that you may also not be able to write your academic coursework. Thus, it is a must for you to learn a bit about assignment writing. In this write-up, we aim to discuss some techniques with you that can prove helpful for you in attempting your nursing assignment.

Don’t procrastinate in starting the assignment

Students often delay starting the coursework. They see submission date far and think they can write the assignment later as there is plenty of time left. As a nursing student, you may not have ample time to write the homework due to your internship commitments.

However, you can’t overlook the importance of the academic assignment, and you have to find a chance to write it. So, it would be better you start writing the coursework early. It will allow you not only in planning and writing the assignment, but you will be able to proofread the assignment effectively as well.

Describe all the topics clearly

Your professor teaches you with much dedication the whole semester. It is time you get the chance to grasp all the issues. Your teacher wants to see the learned information described in your coursework the way he or she has taught you.

You should write all the data with much clarity about the topic, and there should be clarity in your writing as well.

Keep the university guidelines in mind while writing

University assignment writing is not the school type of writing. In simple words, you are expected to do more than writing and researching in college coursework writing.

There are many other tasks you have to do; formatting, referencing and proofreading are some of those. You should follow the university guidelines to perform these tasks efficiently.

Ask a friend to proofread the coursework

It is possible that you may not be able to proofread the coursework effectively as you get bored of writing and may not fully concentrate when it comes to proofreading.

You can ask some of your friends to proofread your assignment. They will read it with a fresh mind and will be able to take a more critical look at it.

You can try our nursing assignment help if you find it tough to write your coursework and can get a well-written coursework from us.

Major Disadvantages of Studying in a Group

Educationists often suggest students join study group as it could be a way for better learning. It has its advantages as well such as the students can not only learn from their study material but can learn from each other as well.


However, there are also some disadvantages of studying in a group. So, here, we will try to make you aware of the same in this writing piece.

Study group could become chat group often

I love a meme on the social networking sites that reads like “studying in a group is a perfect way for you to make sure that no one has studied either.” I am sure you are smart enough to decode the meaning of it.

No matter the age group of the students, study groups get assembled for the study purposes. But, soon study takes a back seat when the chatter starts. Slowly the students seem to assemble to discuss all the things, but not the studies and you have got the first disadvantage of the group study.

Weak students may not be able to learn by themselves

Let’s suppose that you have been assigned to attempt a project with some of the peers. You have a fair knowledge about the topic, and you may find relevant content through the research without taking anybody’s assistance.

However, you are not sure of your writing skills. So, you ask some friend to write the coursework as it is a group assignment. It is a good way of working on a project, but you can’t deny the fact that you may lose the chance of improving your writing by not writing yourself.

Procrastination may plague your progress

Many students are a just genius at putting their share of task on others and making excuses in delaying the tasks. Group study makes things easier for such pupils.

Such students can do a small amount of their task, then procrastination hits them, or they just lose the interest in the task because it was challenging. The result is someone else in the group has to do it.

Self-study may not be able possible

Not all the students, but many of them don’t leave the chance to avoid self-study. Students think group study as self-study as well and don’t bother to study themselves.

Ways to Assess your Study Skills

In the learning process, learning new things may not help you much. Assessing what you have learned and how you learned is a must as well. So, in this writing piece, we will try to give you an idea of the ways you can use to assess your study skills.

Ways to Assess your Study Skills

Do I study regularly?

Studying regularly could make a big difference in the academic performance of the students. Along with the attending lectures, you also have to write the homework, study for the test and exams.

To manage it all well, self-study for two or three hours is a must. With that, you should also try to realize your learning style. Learning style refers to whether you learn better through visuals, audio, or kinesthetics.

Do I plan my day effectively?

As mentioned above, you have to do many academic tasks in the day. You also have to find time to play your favorite games or enjoy time with friends. You have to show your time management skills to find time for all these things.

You have to give a thought to whether you plan your day effectively or not. If you find any discrepancy in that, then you should fix that.

What is my study place?

Whether you study alone or prefer group study, a calm environment and focus play a key role in learning. Knowing about your study place helps you to study better.

If you find your learning place noisy or distracting in some other way, then you should try to change the environment and should make the study place suitable for you.

Do I deal with procrastination well?

Putting off things for a later time or date may not prove helpful for your academics. Procrastination is the sweet enemy of the students. Thus, recognizing the signs of procrastination is a must for the students to make progress in academics.

If you find yourself procrastinating on the academic tasks, then you should try to self-regulate yourself.

How are my sleep and eating habits?

The two things students most compromise with is not eating well and sleeping less. It proves much harmful to their academics.

You should try to make sure you are not doing the same. If yes, then you should make sure to eat at the right time and must consume nutritious food and should try to get at least seven to eight hours of sleep. Writing an academic assignment could be a tough task for you at times. In such a situation, you could try our assignment help online and can get a well-written coursework from us. author Michael JonesPosted on FebruaryCategoriesAcademic Assignment helpAssignment helpAssignment help onlineTagsAssess your Study SkillsAssignment help onlineeducation help

Finest College Degrees for the Students

Choosing which degree course to pursue in the college could be tough for you. So, it is the duty of the educationists to help you in such things. Our this write-up tries to help you with the same.


Pursuing a degree course in engineering means, you have the options to learn the computer, biochemical, aerospace, and nuclear engineering. It could lead you to get paid well at the job. You could start with a pay of around $60,000 per year and it could go up to $100,000 or more when you reach the intermediate level.

You could enjoy pursuing a career in the field related to engineering as its contribution is quite high to the society as well as technology.


Pursuing a degree course in economics is a good option for the students with commerce background. It is the field through which the economists control the economy.

Career opportunities are bright as well in this area. You could become a planner or advisor for a private organization or government and can earn up to $100,000 annually by the mid-career.

Computer science

Lots of students are opting for careers in the field of computer science nowadays. The technological evolution in the last few years is the reason things turned out this way.

It is the field that offers you a career that is challenging as well as exciting as you develop technical equipment for the people. You can also expect to get paid well while pursuing a career in this field.


Teaching is one of the most respected professions in the world. As a teacher, you get the chance to share your knowledge with others and play a significant role in the welfare of society.

All of it could lead you not only to earn well, but you could get lots of personal satisfaction as well. In this field, the higher your education majors would be, the greater your stature would get.


English is the third most spoken language throughout the world. Pursuing a degree course in English does not limit you to be a writer or guide, etc. instead, there are many other options you could have. You can earn well with a degree in the English field.

Your Guide to the 4Ps of Marketing

4Ps are most crucial for the marketing. It helps you in finding the unique selling points of your products that you can use to present to the audience while introducing your product.

4 PS of Marketing

You need to possess accurate knowledge of the marketing mix or Four Ps of the marketing to learn the nuances of marketing. So, we will discuss the same in this write-up.


You may be well aware as a marketing student that product could refer to some tangible or intangible good. You present the product to the customers, so it is a must for you to find out their demands.

There are various things you should give a thought to before introducing your product in the market. It could be such as what is unique about your product and is your product good enough to fulfill the needs of the customers.


After knowing your product well, you have to consider the best price for the product. You have to do it keeping the profit margins, supply, demand, and marketing strategy in mind.

You should determine the price keeping your competitors in mind and first of all, you should try to find out the price that your customers could expect from you.


Promotion plays a significant role in increasing the sale of the product and setting your brand image. In modern times where technology has reached every small and big place, it’s easier for you to promote your product. However, you need to realize what could be the most suitable method for you to promote your service.

TV or radio advertisements, social media marketing, public relations, and search engine marketing are some of the trendy advertising methods. You can use the most suitable one to promote your product.


Along with knowing your product and setting the right price, it is also a must for you to find the places where there is a higher possibility of your product getting sold.

Your think tank should find out the places there is a higher demand for your type of products. You should target those places and should promote your product in such places.

You may have to write 4Ps of the marketing mix in an academic assignment during your academic years and may not be able to write it effectively. In such circumstances, you can try our marketing assignment help online and can get fine quality coursework written from us.

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