Market and Competitive Research

You will receive a yellow paper with a high level description of a business startup that will provide a problem statement, high level description of the proposed solution, the revenue and distribution strategy. This mandate will be in the B2B legaltech sector. The deliverable you will produce will try and give a very high level answer to the question should this business exist and if so does it already exist in a form that is adequately service the market. Your report should contain the following sections (note that brevity and concentration of relevant information is valued): A summary of the market per your understanding of the project (max 500 words) A break down of the market size based on number of projected transactions per year (In 1 diagram and max 500 words) A summary of the competition (max 500 words) A table of up to 10 relevant competitors (less if there are none), with their primary value propositions/features, size, age, geographic location, Recommendations, if any, for changes to the yellow paper that in your opinion would make the business more competitive in light of the For the purpose of this request we are primarily interested in the US market as the geographic are

Research Li Ching Yuen

would like to find out more information about increasing longevity of life for a website project. I specifically want information about Li Ching Yuen. In particular his diet, especially references to the herbs and other foods he collected and used. In addition to this his other lifestyle activities, breathing and meditation techniques, career as a herbalist etc. Essentially and information that attributed to his extraordinarily long life. A timeline of his life would also be useful.

Write original article based on latest news and news for January

Subject is Tether (stable coin) ongoing legal case. bitfinex and possible scenarios. Article has to be original content and research and events dates for January related to this. Important dates in January and next months. See sources: See Chicocrypto research to TETHER, lawyers involved in case. Existing related events from 2019. Dr. Roubini

Collect at least 5 different examples of surveys used by local police agencies.

As you discussed in this unit’s Discussion Board, survey research is one of the most common ways of collecting data. However, not all survey research is created equal. In this activity, your task is to collect at least 5 different examples of surveys used by local police agencies. Using these examples, write a 4-page report comparing the different examples. In your report, provide at least 5 examples associated with best practices or examples that you believe could be improved. Supply a ranking of the different surveys, and show your favorite and least favorite survey, again supplying an explanation. The specific steps are as follows: Conduct independent research, and find at least 5 different examples of surveys used by local police agencies. As an example, here is a survey used by the Virginia Police Department. Compare each of the surveys, finding your favorite and least favorite survey. Supply at least a 1-page explanation on your selections. Using your research examples, find at least 5 examples of best practices or areas that could be improved. Dedicate at least 3 pages to this section. Reference Virginia Police Department. (2016). Public safety survey. Retrieved from

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