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Australian Registered Nurse Standards for Practice and the importance of Ethics in decision making.

Please answer all questions.
Question 1
Word count recommendation: 500 words
Watch the following dramatized video clip and answer the two questions.
Refer to specific standards to support your point.

Nurse Jackie Season 6 Episode 7 Clip Rat on a Cheeto – YouTube
1. Identify the actions of the nurses which may breach the Registered Nurses Standard of Practice, and why.
2. Analyse the professional and cultural factors which may contribute to a nurse’s willingness to breach the RN code of conduct.

Question 2
Word count recommendation: 500 words
Read the newspaper article about a nurse in a community clinic and answer the two questions.
WA COVID: Charges dropped against ‘anti-vaxxer’ Perth nurse accused of pretending to administer COVID-19 jab (watoday.com.au)
1. Identify and discuss which NHQHS standards the nurse’s alleged conduct has breached.
Refer to 2 specific standards in support of your point.

2. “Ms Hartmann Benz was granted bail on the strict conditions that she was not to practice as a registered nurse or administer any more COVID vaccinations or contact any patients or employees where she administered vaccines.”

Discuss whether AHPRA was correct in preventing the nurse from working while the legal decision was being made.

Question 3
Read the article and answer the three questions.

1. Outline the ethical arguments that can be presented for and against restraint in this situation. Word count recommendation: 200 words.
2. Discuss how the inappropriate use of restraints in all forms within the health care sector, can undermine the concepts of autonomy, beneficence, non-maleficence, and justice. Word count recommendation: 400 words.
3. Reflect on the concepts outlined in module four, specifically consent, advocacy and truth telling. How could this situation have been handled in a more ethical and professional manner? Word count recommendation: 400 words.