Compose a 500 words assignment on sustainability, universal responsibility, global crisis. Needs to be plagiarism free!

Compose a 500 words assignment on sustainability, universal responsibility, global crisis. Needs to be plagiarism free! 1. The Right to a basic standard of living This is an elementary right for all human beings in the world. However, not all men enjoy this freedom. After years of internal warfare in Somalia, the population has been left to languish in poverty and disease. Due to the breakdown of the government in maintaining peace, militia and terrorist groups have taken over and run some parts of the country. Due to fear, distribution of food and social amenities to the people in rural areas has been hampered. As a result, people continue to die of hunger and disease. These people do not enjoy the right to a basic standard of living. 2. Sustainability In order for the later generations to have a comfortable life, the current one needs to curtail how they use the available resources. Personally, I have come to know that success in having a sustainable environment can only be attained by starting at the grassroots. Though the local authority has a major role to play, the community has to put in its shift by policing the day to day activities. When an anomaly is detected, I should be at the Frontline to demand that the perpetrator stops with immediate effect. I should also alert the authorities as soon as possible. 3. Universal Responsibility Dalai Lama calls for people to depart from the selfish interests in our day to day life. Thus, men should adopt a sense of responsibility for other people’s happiness and not necessarily their own. He was insistent on people being compassionate, which is a tenet in Buddhist, a religion Dalai Lama ascribed to. According to him, men are interconnected and by adopting the universal responsibility, people end up getting closer to one another. This fosters the spirit of togetherness and caring for the less fortunate in society. His utterances questioned materialism, where he says that man has failed in protecting the environment while he endeavors to amass wealth. He says that this breed inequality in society. This latter part of the letter was most appealing to me. Capitalism has become the worst enemy of environmental sustainability. People eliminate forests and replace them with industries with the aim of accumulating wealth. This imbalance has endangered the lives of the future generation and little is being done to avert the danger. 4. Engaging with humanity This can be achieved when a man thinks less about himself in their daily engagements. In the current society, man has become obsessed with answering the question, “What is it in for me?” When there is no gain on oneself, people tend to abandon the endeavor even when it is for the greater good. To open up to the deeper spiritual truths, man needs to think less about themselves and desire to give back to society. 5. The 4 CsPeople thus fail to open up to others and allow love to manifest. Welwood calls people to accept their humanness and accept their imperfections. He also calls for people to let go of the hatred that we hold within ourselves towards some people. This will give room for love to blossom from within our hearts. Through this, we will love others immeasurably.

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