Write an essay describing the changing need for international managers, and the additional operational requirements of operating in this environment




This assignment replaces the normal end of year closed book examination in Semester 1, 2021.



Essay question


International Manager

The changing world of the 21st century has created the need for defining and developing a new breed of internationally capable managers.



To understand the personal characteristics required by an individual, for international management.



  • Write an essay describing the changing need for international managers, and the

additional operational requirements of operating in this environment.

  • Word limit: 3000 (please include a word count)
  • Your essay should describe the capabilities required by international managers to perform

this new level of challenges and possible methods of management development.

  • You will find your prescribed textbook chapters 1, 2, 3, 4 and 11, 13, 15 and 19 particularly relevant.

Evaluation of your assignments will consider:

  •  Subject Knowledge
  •  Insights on the changing environments and reflective analysis
  •  Conclusions
  •  Recommendations
  •  Clear concise English Language expression


Teacher test: Do you have Appropriate knowledge about Dyslexia

Dyslexia is one of the learning disability which you may be well-aware of. As a teacher, you may encounter the kids with the same problem and you may try to help but may not be able to do so because of the lack of knowledge.

Teacher test: Do you have Appropriate knowledge about Dyslexia

So, as an assignment help provider, we will seek to tell you some points that could prove helpful for you in gaining much knowledge about dyslexia.


It is a language-based learning disability


Dyslexia is a disability that affects a kid’s brain process in understanding written and spoken language. Dyslexic people may find it tough to convert the letters in sounds and vice versa. Along with difficulty in reading, such kids could also struggle with spelling, writing and pronouncing words.


Dyslexia could stay lifelong


Usually, people think that dyslexia is a problem that affects the kids only. It is something that is wrong because a person could have dyslexia lifelong. Moreover, it is the learning disability that could transfer from parents to kids.


Dyslexia is a common learning disability


According to the International Dyslexia Association, there are around 15 to 20 percent people with the symptoms of dyslexia such as the struggle with reading, spelling, writing and mixing up words. 7 percent out of the 13 or 14 school-age children are diagnosed with a learning disability. Moreover, 85 percent of such kids struggle with reading and language processing.


All reading problems are not dyslexia


It is also possible that the kids with the reading, decoding and spelling difficulty may not have dyslexia. Yes, according to the doctors, there exist the other language problems as well that can make it tough for the young students to read and require much attention right at the school level.


Dyslexic children may find the small words confusing


One of the things that could be surprising with the dyslexic kids is that they may not be able to understand the short words, instead of the longer ones. Those words are such as the, to, of, from, what, why, where and how, etc.


So, it was a small effort from us to give you an idea about dyslexia. Hope it was helpful.


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Useful Mobile Apps for the Students

Useful Mobile Apps for the Students

Students have to deal with the procrastination often, and they also find it tough to organize their schedule in the hugely demanding academics. Keeping the requirements of such students in mind, developers have come up with some apps that could prove helpful for them in the same.


Useful Mobile Apps for the StudentsYou may also be searching a mobile that could help you in getting better at the academics. You can learn about such apps here through this written piece.


It is one of the most popular note-taking apps. Students find it easy to use as it has an uncomplicated interface. It is useful not only in taking notes, but you can also make the to-do list, set reminders, attach files and can access everything through it.

There is no storage limit for the Evernote users. However, you can upload only 60 MB per month if you are a free user. It also has a camera that is helpful for you in saving photos, document, post-it note or a business card.


You may often find it tough to reference your academic assignments. EasyBib is the app that could prove helpful for you in it. This app offers you more than 7000 citation styles to format your reference list.

All you need to do is type the name of the book, and you can have several options in front of you to choose from, and you can reference your coursework. EasyBib is available in desktop version as well, but, you can add a reference in the assignment by taking a book’s barcode only.

Microsoft Office Mobile

You must be familiar with the desktop apps offered by the Microsoft. There is nothing different with the Microsoft Office mobile app.

It allows you to write, edit as well as share all of the tasks that you do in the word, excel, powerpoint. So, you don’t need to worry if you go to school without your laptop, open this app and start the writing.

Sleep time

It is a must for the students to get at least 7 to 8 hours sleep. It could prove much helpful for you in boosting your mental as well as physical health.

Sleep time is the app that helps you in analyzing your sleep stages and helps you in waking up in the lightest sleep phase. Sleep time app presents the data related to your sleep in graphs by analyzing how stress and late-night caffeine could affect your sleep cycle and tracks your sleep quality.

My Study Life

It is the app that you can use to set a study timetable for yourself. You can keep a check on the tasks on a daily basis. Features such as color coding the classes could make it easy for you read the calendar.

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Ways to Encourage Students to Eat Healthy and Exercise

Ways to Encourage Students to Eat Healthy and Exercise

You must have heard or read the quotes such as “’health is wealth.” this quote is entirely correct if you look at how a mentally and physically healthy person can perform well in the academics, personal as well as professional life.


You may have experienced the same in your life as well. However, kids nowadays eat junk food and don’t have the habit of exercising. It has led to the new generation facing the problems such as obesity and procrastination at a young age. So, as a teacher, it is your responsibility to ensure your students understand the value of the fitness.

Ways to Encourage Students to Eat Healthy and Exercise

Thus, as an assignment help online provider, through this write-up, we will try to tell you how you can encourage the students to eat healthily and do exercise.


Tell the students about benefits of healthy food


In the modern era, life has become much faster with the invention of technology and fast food. Both of these things are proving helpful for the people, but it has its side-effects as well. Yes, too much dependency on the technology and junk food has led to young kids facing the problems such as obesity and losing their other interests.


It is important for the teachers to tell the students how healthy food could prove beneficial for their health. You should make them aware of the benefits of the homemade food.


Share how exercise helps you


A teacher is the role model for the students. Students learn much about life from you along with the academics. So, it is a must for you to set an example in front of them.


You should exercise regularly and should share your experience on how working out has been helpful for you. You should also participate in the gym class with the students whenever you have time.


Ask the students to attempt some offline assignments


It is quite clear that only handful of the students enjoy writing academic assignments. Yes, coursework holds much value in their academics, but adding something new to their homework could prove much beneficial for them.


Offline assignments could be that thing. So, you should assign them some offline assignments that require them to use their brain as well as the body.


Tell them about the importance of breakfast and lunch


You must be aware that students often skip breakfast in the hurry to reach school and them often don’t take lunch to school. It leads to they inviting weakness.


Thus, you should also make sure to tell them about the importance of the breakfast and lunch.


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Ideal Ways to Earn Money on the side as a Teacher

Ideal Ways to Earn Money on the side as a Teacher

Teaching is one of the most respected jobs in the world. However, the salaries may not be enough for the teachers in some countries to fulfill their day to day needs.


You may be dealing with the same as well and may be searching for an option to earn some extra money. So, we will try to guide you on the same through this write-up.Ideal Ways to Earn Money on the side as a Teacher

Try home tutoring


It is one the methods that have been used since a long time by the teachers to earn extra money. It is an effective way as well because many students often struggle to deal with their academics.


So, you can try home tutoring the students from your school or neighborhood and can earn handsome money as the parents spend much money on the tutoring.


Teach online


Technology is proving much helpful for the students and teachers in the modern times. Evolution of the technology has led to tutoring, assignment writing going online.


It gives you the option to teach online as well. So, all you need to do is turn your laptop on and your lecture starts right from your home.


Write educational blogs


You may have much knowledge about the various aspects of education by teaching. You may also have a flair for writing and may want to share your experience with the people.


If you have all these skills and want to spread the wealth of knowledge throughout the world, then the internet is waiting for you. Yes, you can write educational blogs and can expect to get paid well.


Make use of your other skills


It is obvious that every person has some extra skills other than the main ones. For example, you may be a good technician, writer or you may have an interest in something else.


You can use your such skills to earn some more money. All you have to do is discover yourself and you can easily get a job according to your interest.


So, these are some ways you can use to work as a freelancer and can earn useful money along with your teaching job. Hope you find it useful.


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Inspiring Books for the Middle Grade Students

Inspiring Books for the Middle Grade Students

Middle grades are the time when the kids are there in their pre-teens or teenage. There are many goals in their hearts as its sort of the start of their life. To achieve their aims, middle-grade students need inspiration.


So, as an assignment help online provider, we will try to give you an idea of some books that could prove to be inspiring for the young students.

Inspiring Books for the Middle Grade Students

The Breadwinner by Deborah Ellis


It is the book recommended by the Nobel Peace Prize winner Malala Yousafzai. This story revolves around an Afghan Girl named Parvana and took a look at pain endured by her and her family in the time of war.


Ghost by Jason Reynolds


A ghost is a person named Castle Crenshaw who is a sprinter. However, this sprinter is running away from his past and his anger instead of running for sport. According to the person who has read it, you can develop a sense of care of a kid who keeps messing things again and again by reading this book.


A Wild Robot by Peter Brown


It is the book by the author Peter Brown who is famous for his picture books. This book focuses on the survival of a robot in the wilderness. It is a well-written book and conveys a strong message about adoptive family and friends.


A handful of stars by Cynthia Lord


You can understand how tough it could get to help the native and migrant student in getting along well with each other. The writer has chosen the same topic and has done well in showing the connection and disparities of life between two girls from two different culture and countries.


Fish in a tree by Lynda Mullaly Hunt


As a teacher, you may meet some students with dyslexia. This story tells the story of Ally who is struggling with dyslexia and is not able to understand the self-worth. Not only the students, but you could also learn much from this story.


So, these are some book that you could recommend to the middle-grade students to inspire them and can learn much yourself as well.


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A Proper Guide to Academic Dishonesty

Academic dishonesty is a serious offense that could affect your academic as well professional life in the future.

It is a must for you to have the proper knowledge of the academic dishonesty so that you could avoid this serious offense. So, read on to find out the same.


First of all, let us give you an idea of the acts that are considered as academic dishonesty. Submitting a plagiarized coursework, cheating, acts of fabrication, recycling content and falsifying information are some of the acts that are deemed as academic dishonesty.


Difference between minor or major academic dishonesty


There are five measures that the universities take to judge the breach:


Extent: First of all, the University takes a look at how much of the written content is suspicious. In simple words, they assess whether a student has made this mistake in few sentences or many paragraphs. They also determine the worth of the marks the plagiarized content covers.


Level: Universities also check which course a student is pursuing. If the pupil just entered the college, then he or she may not be punished, but if the student is in senior years, then the university penalizes such students.


Knowledge: Your professor also checks your knowledge about the accepted practices and the rules of the culture. It applies to both the native and foreigner students.


Discipline: University also checks the accepted practices that come under the student’s subject and to how much a student understands these practices.


Recidivism: Student’s background also gets checked to make sure he or she has done the same offense in the past.


Major breaches


Major academic honesty violations are very dangerous. If a student is found being dishonest while attempting an academic task then, the university will send a letter to such student, and he or she has to attend a meeting with the discipline committee. The disciplinary committee checks the evidence of the misconduct after that and penalizes the students if the misconduct is proved. The penalties could be such as suspension, failing in the subject, withholding of the exam results and permanent expulsion could also happen.


Minor breaches


Small academic dishonesty mainly includes; accidental plagiarism such as an incorrect or inconsistent citation or paraphrasing too close to the original. It also involves copying a small amount of material. The unit coordinator is the person who handles these sort of breaches. The unit director then assesses the written content and gives low grades with an explanation on the same. The student could also be asked to attend an interview with the unit coordinator, and the teacher could tell the student what could be done to avoid the same in the future.


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Five Technologies to Improve your English

English being the third largest speaking language in the world holds much importance in your academics. It could prove hurtful for your academic as well as professional life if you don’t learn the English language at the right time.


However, you may find it boring to learn through the textbooks and taking classes after the school. So, what could be the better way to learn this language? Well, why not try learning through technology? Yes! Many technologies could prove helpful for you in learning English. So, read on to learn about the same.


Mobile apps

Five Technologies to Improve your English

Technology is playing a vital role in the education nowadays. Lots of devices are helping the students in learning the Engish. Like doing other tasks on mobile, English can be learned through some mobile apps.


Quizlet is the app that helps you in learning English using vocabulary flashcards and games. Duolingo and Busuu also offer the same type of services. Dictionary app is an offline app you can use to learn and pronounce thousands of words.




Internet is full of English tutorial videos. You can find the tutorials interesting and can learn at much better pace. BlubbrTv and ESL Video are the platforms where you can find lots of quizzes related to the language.


You can use English Central to correct your pronunciation. Moreover, Peppy English is offers many videos that could prove helpful for you in learning idioms, phrases and much more.


Social networks


Social networks are something that most of the students spend much of their on. You can find it interesting to learn if there are social networking sites teaching English.


Actually there are social networks such as My English Club and Voxopop that do the same. You can learn English with the language learners from all over the world.




Gaming is popular among the kids as well as adults. Educationists and game developers understand it well and have come up with some games that could make you learn while having fun.


Kindersite and Tiny Tap are the English learning games suitable for kids. Vocabulary apps such as Words on Tour, Word Streak With Friends and What’s the Phrase are some of the gaming apps adults can play to improve their vocabulary.


Comic books


Reading comic books is also one of the fantastic way for the young students to learn English. You can read such comics from the sites like GrammarMan, Comics English and Teach English with Comics.


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Nursing Assignment Writing: Try these Ways to Write a Quality Assignment

Nursing Assignment Writing: Try these Ways to Write a Quality Assignment

Nursing being one of the toughest courses poses many difficulties to the students. They may not be able to understand the subject fully at times, and if they understand, then they find it tough to write an assignment on it.


As an assignment help online provider, we understand that you may also not be able to write your academic coursework. Thus, it is a must for you to learn a bit about the assignment writing. In this write-up, we aim to discuss some techniques with you that can prove helpful for you in attempting your nursing assignment.

Don’t procrastinate in starting the assignment


Students often delay starting the coursework. They see submission date far and think they can write the assignment later as there is plenty of time left. As a nursing student, you may not have ample time to write the homework due to your internship commitments.


However, you can’t overlook the importance of the academic assignment, and you have to find a chance to write it. So, it would be better you start writing the coursework early. It will allow you not only in planning and writing the assignment, but you will be able to proofread the assignment effectively as well.


Describe all the topics clearly


Your professor teaches you with much dedication whole semester. It is time you get the chance to grasp all the issues. Your teacher wants to see the learned information described in your coursework the way he or she has taught you.


You should write all the data with much clarity about the topic, and there should be clarity in your writing as well.


Keep the university guidelines in mind while writing


University assignment writing is not the school type of writing. In simple words, you are expected to do more than writing and researching in the college coursework writing.


There are many other tasks you have to do; formatting, referencing and proofreading are some of those. You should follow the university guidelines to perform these tasks efficiently.


Ask a friend to proofread the coursework


It is possible that you may not be able to proofread the coursework effectively as you get bored of writing and may not fully concentrate when it comes to proofreading.


You can ask some of your friends to proofread your assignment. They will read it with a fresh mind and will be able to take a more critical look at it.


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Major Disadvantages of Studying in a Group

Educationists often suggest students join study group as it could be a way for better learning. It has its advantages as well such as the students can not only learn from their study material but can learn from each other as well.


However, there are also some disadvantages of studying in a group. So, here, we will try to make you aware of the same in this writing piece.


Study group could become chat group often


I love a meme on the social networking sites that reads like “studying in a group is a perfect way for you to make sure that no one has studied either.” I am sure you are smart enough to decode the meaning of it.


No matter the age group of the students, study groups get assembled for the study purposes. But, soon study takes a back seat when the chatter starts. Slowly the students seem to assemble to discuss all the things, but not the studies and you have got the first disadvantage of the group study.


Weak students may not be able to learn by themselves


Let’s suppose that you have been assigned to attempt a project with some of the peers. You have a fair knowledge about the topic, and you may find relevant content through the research without taking anybody’s assistance.


However, you are not sure of your writing skills. So, you ask some friend to write the coursework as it is a group assignment. It is a good way of working on a project, but you can’t deny the fact that you may lose the chance of improving your writing by not writing yourself.


Procrastination may plague your progress


Many students are a just genius at putting their share of task on others and making excuses in delaying the tasks. Group study makes things easier for such pupils.


Such students can do a small amount of their task, then procrastination hits them, or they just lose the interest in the task because it was challenging. The result is someone else in the group has to do it.


Self-study may not be able possible


Not all the students, but many of them don’t leave the chance to avoid self-study. Students think group study as self-study as well and don’t bother to study themselves.

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