Five Technologies to Improve your English

English being the third largest speaking language in the world holds much importance in your academics. It could prove hurtful for your academic as well as professional life if you don’t learn the English language at the right time.


However, you may find it boring to learn through the textbooks and taking classes after the school. So, what could be the better way to learn this language? Well, why not try learning through technology? Yes! Many technologies could prove helpful for you in learning English. So, read on to learn about the same.


Mobile apps

Five Technologies to Improve your English

Technology is playing a vital role in the education nowadays. Lots of devices are helping the students in learning the Engish. Like doing other tasks on mobile, English can be learned through some mobile apps.


Quizlet is the app that helps you in learning English using vocabulary flashcards and games. Duolingo and Busuu also offer the same type of services. Dictionary app is an offline app you can use to learn and pronounce thousands of words.




Internet is full of English tutorial videos. You can find the tutorials interesting and can learn at much better pace. BlubbrTv and ESL Video are the platforms where you can find lots of quizzes related to the language.


You can use English Central to correct your pronunciation. Moreover, Peppy English is offers many videos that could prove helpful for you in learning idioms, phrases and much more.


Social networks


Social networks are something that most of the students spend much of their on. You can find it interesting to learn if there are social networking sites teaching English.


Actually there are social networks such as My English Club and Voxopop that do the same. You can learn English with the language learners from all over the world.




Gaming is popular among the kids as well as adults. Educationists and game developers understand it well and have come up with some games that could make you learn while having fun.


Kindersite and Tiny Tap are the English learning games suitable for kids. Vocabulary apps such as Words on Tour, Word Streak With Friends and What’s the Phrase are some of the gaming apps adults can play to improve their vocabulary.


Comic books


Reading comic books is also one of the fantastic way for the young students to learn English. You can read such comics from the sites like GrammarMan, Comics English and Teach English with Comics.


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