Useful Mobile Apps for the Students

Useful Mobile Apps for the Students

Students have to deal with the procrastination often, and they also find it tough to organize their schedule in the hugely demanding academics. Keeping the requirements of such students in mind, developers have come up with some apps that could prove helpful for them in the same.


Useful Mobile Apps for the StudentsYou may also be searching a mobile that could help you in getting better at the academics. You can learn about such apps here through this written piece.


It is one of the most popular note-taking apps. Students find it easy to use as it has an uncomplicated interface. It is useful not only in taking notes, but you can also make the to-do list, set reminders, attach files and can access everything through it.

There is no storage limit for the Evernote users. However, you can upload only 60 MB per month if you are a free user. It also has a camera that is helpful for you in saving photos, document, post-it note or a business card.


You may often find it tough to reference your academic assignments. EasyBib is the app that could prove helpful for you in it. This app offers you more than 7000 citation styles to format your reference list.

All you need to do is type the name of the book, and you can have several options in front of you to choose from, and you can reference your coursework. EasyBib is available in desktop version as well, but, you can add a reference in the assignment by taking a book’s barcode only.

Microsoft Office Mobile

You must be familiar with the desktop apps offered by the Microsoft. There is nothing different with the Microsoft Office mobile app.

It allows you to write, edit as well as share all of the tasks that you do in the word, excel, powerpoint. So, you don’t need to worry if you go to school without your laptop, open this app and start the writing.

Sleep time

It is a must for the students to get at least 7 to 8 hours sleep. It could prove much helpful for you in boosting your mental as well as physical health.

Sleep time is the app that helps you in analyzing your sleep stages and helps you in waking up in the lightest sleep phase. Sleep time app presents the data related to your sleep in graphs by analyzing how stress and late-night caffeine could affect your sleep cycle and tracks your sleep quality.

My Study Life

It is the app that you can use to set a study timetable for yourself. You can keep a check on the tasks on a daily basis. Features such as color coding the classes could make it easy for you read the calendar.

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