Ways to Assess your Study Skills


In the learning process, learning new things may not help you much. Assessing what you have learned and how you learned is a must as well. So, in this writing piece, we will try to give you an idea of the ways you can use to assess your study skills.

Ways to Assess your Study Skills

Do I study regularly?


Studying regularly could make a big difference in the academic performance of the students. Along with the attending lectures, you also have to write the homework, study for the test and exams.


To manage it all well, self-study for two or three hours is a must. With that, you should also try to realize your learning style. Learning style refers to whether you learn better through visuals, audio or kinesthetics.


Do I plan my day effectively?


As mentioned above, you have to do many academic tasks in the day. You also have to find time to play your favorite games or enjoy time with friends. You have to show your time management skills to find time for all these things.


You have to give a thought to whether you plan your day effectively or not. If you find any discrepancy in that, then you should fix that.


What is my study place?


Whether you study alone or prefer group study, calm environment and focus play a key role in the learning. Knowing about your study place helps you in study better.


If you find your learning place noisy or distracting in some other way, then you should try to change the environment and should make the study place suitable for you.


Do I deal with procrastination well?


Putting off things for a later time or date may not prove helpful for your academics. Procrastination is the sweet enemy of the students. Thus, recognizing the signs of procrastination is a must for the students to make progress in the academics.


If you find yourself procrastinating on the academic tasks, then you should try to self-regulate yourself.


How are my sleep and eating habits?


The two things students most compromise with is not eating well and sleeping less. It proves much harmful for their academics.


You should try to make sure you are not doing the same. If yes, then you should make sure to eat at the right time and must consume nutritious food and should try to get at least seven to eight hours sleep.

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