Your Guide to the 4Ps of Marketing

4Ps are most crucial for the marketing. It helps you in finding the unique selling points of your products that you can use to present to the audience while introducing your product.

4 ps Marketing

You need to possess accurate knowledge of the marketing mix or Four Ps of the marketing to learn the nuances of marketing. So, we will discuss the same in this write-up.




You may be well aware as a marketing student that product could refer to some tangible or intangible good. You present the product to the customers, so it is a must for you to find out their demands.


There are various things you should give a thought to before introducing your product in the marketing. It could be such as what is unique about your product and is your product good enough to fulfill the needs of the customers.




After knowing your product well, you have to consider the best price for the product. You have to do it keeping the profit margins, supply, demand and marketing strategy in mind.


You should determine the price keeping your competitors in mind and first of all, you should try to find out the price that your customers could expect from you.




Promotion plays a significant role in increasing the sale of the product and setting your brand image. In the modern times where technology has reached every small and big place, it’s easier for you to promote your product. However, you need to realize what could be most suitable method for you to promote your service.


TV or radio advertisement, social media marketing, public relations and search engine marketing are some of the trendy advertising methods. You can use the most suitable one to promote your product.




Along with knowing your product and setting the right price, it is also a must for you to find the places where there is higher possibility of your product getting sold.


Your think tank should find out the places there is a higher demand for your type of products. You should target those places and should promote your product in such places.


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