Psychology Assignment Help is the discipline of science that deals with the human mind, its functions and behavioral patterns in any given context. In doing so, psychology allows various methodologies and tools that help to gauge the overall personality of a person. Psychology is derived from the Greek root ‘Psyche’ meaning mind, spirit or soul. It goes on to explain how thoughts, emotions and activities of an individual influence his or her behavior. Psychologists use two major areas of psychology- academic psychology (personality, social behavior and human development) and applied psychology (scientific methods and principals to solve real world problems).As difficult and challenging a subject like this, psychology makes students worried to the extent that they often are in a desperate need of professional writers. So our psychology assignment help experts are highly experienced professionals who have been helping the students with their assignments on a frequent basis.

Psychology Assignment Help

Different psychology schools of thought

According to our psychology assignment help experts, there are various schools of psychology that have been formed over the years with the evolution of humanity. These schools have contributed to bring about new perspectives and insights in the understanding of human behavior. The following are different schools of psychology:

  • Structuralism: This approach tries to break down psychology into basic components of consciousness by using the method of introspection. It is the oldest school and takes a holistic view of human consciousness. Our assignment help experts can explain it much better in your assignment.
  • Functionalism: Although it formed as a reaction of structuralism, functionalism is the work of William James. It tries to explain the mental processes more systematically and accurately. It finds a profound impact on education as well.
  • Psychoanalysis: According to our psychology assignment help experts, psychoanalysis was first introduced by Sigmund Freud. This is very widely known school of psychology that explains or emphasizes the influence of unconscious mind on behavior. He carried out a lot of case studies and clinical cases for the observations in order to present his theories. According to him, the basic elements of consciousness are ID, ego, superego and unconscious.
  • Behaviorism: Founded by John B. Watson, behaviorism tries to explain that the behavior of an individual is the result of conditioning regardless of his or her background. The conditioning is attained through the interaction of individual with the environment.
  • Humanism: As per the psychology assignment help writers, humanism emerged as a reaction to psychoanalysis as well as behaviorism by understanding the unconscious motivations. It emphasizes the role of individual.
  • Cognitive: Our assignment help professionals say, the cognitive psychology is relatively young and modern branch that focuses on thinking, decision making, problem solving, learning, remembering and perception.

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